****Now meeting with clients at my new studio located at 851 Santa Fe Dr, Denver.****

As a wedding photographer, I truly have worked with a huge variety of vendors in locations all over the state of Colorado.

I have photographed early morning weddings, brunch weddings, late night weddings, winter weddings, fall weddings, weddings involving a Star Trek battle axe, weddings under 25 guests and weddings over 200.

I thoroughly enjoy every single opportunity I have to photograph what will be one of the single most important days of another’s life.

I approach each wedding as a new opportunity to tell another’s story.

I would love to discuss your wedding day in person over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and hear more about what you have planned.

I look forward to meeting you.




Q: How many hours/ how long can I expect you to be at my wedding?  

A: Short answer is I want to be at your wedding as long as it takes to tell the story of your day.  My wedding day package is  for your wedding day coverage, not a specific number of hours.   I do offer smaller packages designed specifically for elopements and less time consuming sessions.  We discuss this coverage in advance and I advise you how long it will take me to photograph certain aspects of your day.  I typically tell my wedding clients that I need to be at their weddings to cover an hour of getting ready and their wedding details and then we discuss when I will leave, especially if you have a  grand exit planned…   I am happy to discuss this with you in detail.

Q:  How long do portraits take?

A:  I have had portrait sessions of the bride and groom take anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour.  If we are going to go to a variety of locations, it is going to be longer as we need to arrange for travel time and time taking portraits.  I always encourage bride and grooms to build extra time into their day for their portraits as they are important.  For a shorter portrait session to be successful, it requires undivided attention from you so I typically encourage the bridal party and other guests as well as other vendors be sent away until it is complete.

Q:  Should I have a planner for my wedding?

A: I would highly suggest a wedding planner for your day.   There are so many details of the day that are hard to anticipate.  As much as I try to help bride and grooms with timeline and unplanned for events, a wedding planner is so much better equipped to help in emergencies.

Q:  Do you have suggestions for vendors?

A: Absolutely yes.  I’ve worked with some excellent people in Colorado over the last few years and would be happy to help you find them.

Q: What happens if you get sick or can’t attend my wedding?

A:  I have a second shooter for many of my packages.  I only would not attend your wedding in an extreme emergency or if I was hospitalized.  Fortunately I am surrounded by a community of excellent photographers as well as my second shooter and could find someone to fill in for me on your day.

Q:  Do you carry back up equipment?

A: Yes- I carry two camera bodies to every wedding as well as a variety of lens.  I shoot with multiple cards.  I backup your wedding right after the wedding day.  I also carry insurance.

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image courtesy Tara Whitney